Omid Malekan




"My greatest pleasure in life is finding a way to explain the seemingly unexplainable"


I am not a rockstar. But I like to joke that I am, ever since my record label shafted me out of my royalties, all $97 of them.

I’m not a professional animator either, but I briefly worked as one for the New York Times, until they fired me, which at the Times is communicated as “we are putting your project on hold, indefinitely.”

I prefer to measure my life not just by the depth of my successes, but also the breadth of my attempts. To that end, I have been a professional trader and money manager, viral music video director, published author, concert producer, certified personal trainer, Sherpa, and all around nice guy. Coffee spoons, be damned. 

The Wall Street Journal once accepted an op-ed I submitted for publication, then emailed me to ask “who are you, again?” I was once the most popular person on YouTube, for a week. America’s self-help guru Tony Robbins recommended my video in a tweet and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, panned it in a memoir

My desire to connect with others is the wind in my sails, and my curiosity is my compass. The best way for me to understand something is by figuring out how to explain it to others.



The Story of the Blockchain


My first book.

Blockchain technology is one of the most exciting ideas to come around in a long time, with the potential to revolutionize money and banking while wrestling the rest of the Internet away from today’s gatekeepers and returning it to its decentralized roots. 

But it’s notoriously hard to understand.

I've been involved in this space as an investor, instructor and advocate since 2014, making every mistake possible so you don't have to. My book uses a series of anecdotes from the field and analogies from other more relatable walks of life to explain to the layperson how this technology works, why it matters, and how it will eventually impact everything.

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