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I’ve been called an amateur economist, and am proud of my amateur status, considering the track record of the pros.


On Coins and Canals

Drawing an analogy from the industrial era to understand FinTechs and stablecoins.

Why NIRP Can Only Get NIRPier (Part 2)

The road to central bank digital currency.

Why NIRP Can Only Get NIRPier (Part 1)

The vicious cycle that is pulling everyone down.

Stablecoins Revisited

National barriers don’t exist for data, but they do exist for money.


Blockchain Boon for Watchdog Transparency Activities

Although they might not know it, blockchain tech is a gift to the regulator

Stablecoins a Boon for Merchants and Unbanked

Not competition for crypto, but rather non-digital fiat


I Created “The Bernank” on YouTube. And I Was Mostly Wrong

Ten years after the financial crisis, and eight years after my cartoon, a review of what I got wrong, and what I never saw coming.

If Fund Managers Back Bitcoin

2018 is shaping up to the year of the tipping point when it comes to institutional fund managers attitude towards cryptocoins.


Why Fiat Stablecoins Will be the First Killer Application on Blockchain

Banking people don’t know them and crypto people don’t like them, but as I point out in this talk, fiat stablecoins are the least controversial idea in all blockchain. They are a simple upgrade to an idea as old as payments, which is why soon they will take over.

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How to Safeguard Free Speech

The case for radical free speech on the internet, and how it will be achieved.


How Blockchain Can Defeat State Censorship

A decentralized blockchain's "Proof of Existence" functionality can revolutionize how we store and protect information on the internet


Does Quantitative Easing Hurt More than Help?

My guest column in Forbes explores why the preferred economic policies of the modern era tend to backfire.



Why All the Alarms About a Slight Rate Hike?

My op-ed in the Journal finds hidden meaning in the language of business professionals. 



Quantitative Easing Explained

My original claim to fame, made in the heyday of YouTube, when 6 million hits actually meant something.


Talking The Line

My attempt at an animated comic-strip, also made in the heyday of YouTube, when only 600 hits meant the same thing it does today.