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I’ve been called an amateur economist, and am proud of my amateur status, considering the track record of the pros.



Can Bitcoin Become a Flight to Quality Asset?

Existing outside of the traditional banking system becomes appealing during a crisis.

The Real Reason Warren Buffet Doesn’t Like Bitcoin

Investors don't usually support the technology that might topple their biggest investments.

The Real Cause of the Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash Divide

The supporters of both coins don't like each other because they have so much in common.


Does Quantitative Easing Hurt More than Help?

My guest column in Forbes explores why the preferred economic policies of the modern era tend to backfire.



Why All the Alarms About a Slight Rate Hike?

My op-ed in the Journal finds hidden meaning in the language of business professionals. 



Quantitative Easing Explained

My original claim to fame, made in the heyday of YouTube, when 6 million hits actually meant something.


Talking The Line

My attempt at an animated comic-strip, also made in the heyday of YouTube, when only 600 hits meant the same thing it does today.