"The Spanish describe people who like to talk themselves up as no tiene abuela, which translates to doesn't have a grandmother. Consider that my excuse, as it happens to be true."


"Tell us why you brought the strawberries"

- Thomas Kutzman, Real Estate Is Your Business Podcast (where we mostly talked about the intersection of real estate and blockchain technology)


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"Thanks to you, my mother now understands Quantitative Easing"

-Rick Santelli, CNBC

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The nation

"The other day, Wall Street was captivated by talking bears"

- Ari Melber, The Nation

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Fox Business Network

"A sign that the Federal Reserve has become a joke, literally" 

- Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox Business Network

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β€œThe Man Behind the Quantitative Easing Cartoon Speaks!”

- David Weigel

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